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A Life Change in My Life

I walked into Dr. Pat Holland’s office in tears. The pain I was experiencing was to the point that I couldn’t take any longer. I had been to physical therapy for over 30 sessions and although, the stretches they taught me for my sprained hip & torn IBand were not giving me lasting help. Taking painkillers was not an option because I don’t believe in them for something such as this. I did take Ibuprofen but therapy was a temporary fix just like the stretches. I wanted to get out of constant pain and back to what I wanted to do.
Dr. Pat Holland DC listened to my story of how I did this to myself, with a patience and kindness you just don’t find anywhere these days. I told him I was concerned about keeping up cooking in my restaurant and running. I was sadly giving up and started to settle into the idea that at 57 everything I could do before was “going down the drain” The things I love to do would be over for good. Dr. Pat (as I call him ) would take this seriously at all. He looked at the X-rays I provided and took some of his own.  He explained to me why I wasn’t healing. That my sacrum had moved and that there was movement in my disks because of that. So all the stretches on their own without adjustments wouldn’t work.It all had to be i back in place the way my spine should be. He asked me to trust him to come up with the best “path” to for me.
This path included adjustments to my back, to my exercises, to my nutrition and included the right vitamins to take as well.  He said it all worked together. I did this wholeheartedly and I asked many challenging questions ( I know I probably tested his patience) ) because this is my way of educating myself on recovery.This is so necessary today to be comfortable with the choices you make for your health.  Everyday information is thrown at us and it can get confusing. It is important to find a Dr. you can listen to and trust that he has your best interest at heart and not his own agenda. I found this to be the truth with Dr. Pat.
I learned about the correlation between the skelelal structure of my body and some of its problems I had been having for years. Every persons body is different and requires a different pathway to health. I was taught how the human spine when its out of alignment can affect the rest of the body causing conditions I didn’t have to live with. It is enlightening experience to have him as my chiropractor. Little by little the changes came and I will admit I was afraid to try somethings but it did work.  I will now go to him for maintenance to keep up my health and my body happy!
When you walk into his office you will be treated with respect, care and patience by him and his friendly receptionist Lindsey.
I am grateful for the day my husband convinced me to walk into his  office. Don’t wait until you are in same the pain I was in (if you can help it).  I walked around two years before I got this help. I feell much better today and have healthier outlook on my future!
I recommend Dr. Pat Holland DC  of Living Well Empowerment highly! Located at 30 River St. , Jim Thorpe, Pa 18229

Chef Dorie

Healthy Food From the Start

I have always been a foodie & believed that most food can be healthy for you when its cooked fresh and cooked properly. Even when I was a child of ten I was cooking out of my Parent’s Day cookbook and watching Julia Child on television. She was such a great cook, and so funny! She cooked French dishes and I remember wishing we could afford all the wonderful foods she always had available to her on that tv set. I wanted to taste truffles, creams, duck, goose and more. Mom and Dad had a budget and it was my job to make dinner within that budget.

Mom was always buying the same items from the grocery store.
I had no choice but to be creative otherwise I would get bored and unhappy fast. I wanted to incorporate the healthy ideas from Julia but stay within our budget. So it began… stuffed beef hotdogs with vegetables and chili topped with cheddar, grilled herbed flounder and water broiled codfish topped with breadcrumbs dotted with butter and fresh parsley. I played with a host of spices (dry and fresh) that mom would buy and changed her Beef Stew with Egg Noodles to Boeuf Bourguignon- substituting potatoes and fresh vegetables for the noodles and lightly dreadging the beef chunks in flour to hold the juices in. Dad said he never had chuck beef cubes taste so good!
I must have made meatloaf 10 different ways always adding different combinations of steamed vegetables I processed down, grains like oats & bran, left over sauces and more. Everyone liked their meatloaf and never knew I put the vegetables and grains in it.
Dad even went back to fish on Fridays instead of pizza and still treated us all to ice cream from Carvel for dessert.

The funny about eating fresh foods (now called clean foods) is that is how
I always cooked for my parents, brother and sister then continued on with my husband and children. Our restaurant has had its own vegetable/herb roof garden for years- never using any preservatives or colorings or additives way before it became the popular thing to do. It has never been a question as to where my vegetables come from …either the roof garden or local farmers (after all I am not growing broccoli or apples on the roof!). The meats from our Local butcher Charm Farms & my seafood from Indian Ridge Provisions(fresh catch of the day IQF on the boat) because we are in Pennsylvania with no seashore.
I am fussy with where and how we obtain our vegetables and proteins because for me its all about the food. I love to create new dishes. Try checking out our specials and our regular menu for that matter. Don’t forget your libation… as we are all about the BYOB too!

Bon Appetite!
Buen Apetito!
Buon Appetito!
Guten Appetit!
Enjoy Your Meal!

Chef Dorie

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Jim Thorpe

Yea!…Spring is emerging from this cold but weird winter. The first sign in most places in the Northeast is the sprouting of the Crocuses and Daffodils.
In Jim Thorpe, Pa it’s the town’s 19th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday March 13th at 1PM hosted by the town’s very own Hibernians!  As for me, its time to bring out the pots and pans to recreate as best I can my Mom’s heritage dishes.  Mom’s side of the family came from CastleComa, Kilkenny, Ireland.
For our restaurant, it’s our tried and true Shephard’s Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Guiness Irish Cheddar Cheese Soup, Potato Soup and Homemade Scones.It’s such a fun day with a great parade filled with Irish Dancers, Hibernians, High School Bands, our Armed  Forces, Civil War Groups, Veterans of All Ages, Fire Depts, Dance Schools, and much more.The young and old alike line the main street (Broadway) cheering on the parade while the children run along side the fire trucks trying to catch candy being tossed by our brave firefolk.

As is our tradition, we will be serving direct from our porch, sandwiches & soups to walk with-  such as Sausage & Peppers, Berk’s Hotdogs, Veggie Chili , Chili, Crab soup as well as all the Irish goodies mentioned above.

As for the Staff and my Husband and I, it means getting up at the crack of dawn to prep loads of fresh vegetables and proteins to get ready to cook for not only the parade itself but for the Breakfast that starts at 8:00 and ends before the parade starts at 1PM.

I hope to see many old friends who have come for the last 16 years and perhaps, make many new ones.

By the way; If you are smart you will come before 10am to park.  Make sure you grab a complimentary beer with the sale of a sandwich before it runs out…(just saying)

Cead Mile Faite & Erin Go Bragh!  (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes & Ireland Forever!)

Chef Dorie